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Our History

FROM 1927
Polo Club Captain Horse Academy - History Image

I can still hear de applause from the deeply moved people who contemplated the precise movements of my great friend, The Horse Capitán. It had certainly been born with a marvelous talent for the practice of every equestrian sport and very soon had acquired special knowledge of every air of the High School and the classical taming. It was simply perfect, even at a young age and being still a colt.

1927. What a great year. After training Capitán for the Polo competitions, wins, awards and glory followed one after another. There was no lover of this most noble sport who did not know and admired this highly-gifted horse which was, without a doubt, the Number One in all competitions.

Once its career as a competitor was finished, I decided I had to give back to the sport of Polo the knowledge I had acquired with the years and founded the Captain Horse Academy. The days of glory were followed by a few more years of enjoying the company of my noble friend, teaching our students every other secret of this sport.


My children, Christine and Carlo, were the ones who enjoyed its remaining years, with gentle walks and, thanks to their professional activity –the design of clothing for the practice of equestrian sports- they managed to perpetuate the name of my good friend and the institution that so brilliantly carries its name: the Captain Horse Academy 1927.

With these few lines I offer my love and pay homage to the three of them.